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'Twas the Night Before Christmas' (Yoga Version)

‘Twas the night before Christmas

When all through her body

Not a muscle was stiff -

No, not even knotty.

For earlier that week

Yogi had been to her mat -

Had stretched out her muscles

With poses like cow and like cat.

She’d balanced in tree pose,

Worked on her core,

Stretched and released,

Savasana’d and more.

With gratitude, she’d hung

Christmas Spirit with care

In her thoughts and her deeds.

From her heart, she would share.

And with mindful attitudes

Snug in her head,

It was easy to unwind

And relax, once in bed.

Her body, her spirit,

And her mind let her know

That the jingle of bells

Was reason to glow.

The season of Santa,

Whether you’re young or you’re old,

Is a season of magic

For all to behold!

For with loving kindness

Towards others and self,

All can become

Like that jolly old Elf!

So she wasn’t surprised

When she heard on the roof,

The prancing and pawing

Of each little hoof.

Her eyes how they twinkled,

Her dimples looked merry -

In part due to yoga

Her zen sanctuary!

She applauded the love

Santa spread all around.

So this she decided

She would do all year round.

She heard him exclaim

Ere he drove out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to all

and to all a good night!”

She smiled and she giggled.

It’s something you do

When sharing and caring

Is a big part of you!

She’s grateful for yoga

How it's helped her to be

More self-accepting,

flexible and free.

May this season of joy

Fill your Home Sweet Home

With the Spirit of one

known by yogis as “Om!”


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