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Testimonials Page 3

“As Restorative Approaches workers, in our occupation of repairing and re-building harmed relationships, our philosophy involves seeing people not as flawed but as life learners who are always growing and changing.  Linda Weir encompasses creativity and a willingness to think outside of a ‘system box’ when working with youth and their families to examine their choices, and she encourages positive alternatives.  Linda does not assign shame or blame for change.  We would all benefit from basking in Linda’s present and caring approach to life lessons.”

Brenda Mead and Nancy Wrath, Restorative Approach Workers, St.Leonard’s Communtiy Services, London, Ontario, Canada

“Linda is a school leader that puts students first by honouring their souls and spirits as individuals.  Linda was instrumental in leading ‘respect-based’ initiatives in her school board and assisted in the development of Respect In School – a program designed to empower adults working with youth to be positive role models in their lives.  Linda’s natural ‘life-coaching’ approach was paramount to the success of the program.”

Wayne McNeil, Co-founder of Respect Group Inc., Alberta, Canada

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