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“Linda lives and
loves deeply on both sides

of the veil, propelled by the energy of ‘For the Greater Good of Self and Others’. Her soulful and playful articulation of her spiritual perspective is so entrancing that I am left wondering if she is channeling angels.”

Francie Johnston, former life-coach client of Linda Weir and secondary school science and retired

Student Success Teacher

at Parkside Collegiate
Institute, St. Thomas,
Ontario, Canada

Linda Weir epitomises
integrity and a loving compassion.
Linda has had a profound impact on my career choices and the kind of educator and person that I have become.  She has inspired me on a daily basis for nearly a decade with her passion and compassion that know no limits: her approach to working, without judgement, with people is gentle and effective.  She is profoundly creative and enthusiastic and she tirelessly works to help others find the light inside themselves.”

Jen Vowles,
secondary school English teacher, Saunders Secondary School,
London, Ontario 

What a fabulous business partner Linda from Expedition Inner Wisdom  has been. When she committed to offer outdoor yoga classes at our lavender farm every Sunday rain or shine, I had a sense that she would deliver as promised. And of course she did... along with the help of mother nature!  Week after week for all of July and August, Linda cleverly designed yoga classes that integrated a mindful awareness of the gifts in nature. She arrived early every Sunday with a smile on her face and her portable yoga studio in tow. 
Her classes were informative, fun, and geared to everyone's level of comfort. Thank you so much for giving me a deeper appreciation of what we have created here at Lavender Hives. I can't wait for us to collaborate on our next project! 
Cathy Parsons, owner of Lavender Hives Farm and Apiary, Grand Bend, Ontario

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