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1. Lavender Pillows
Lavender Pillows

Our lavender eye pillows are made by hand and with love by yoga instructor and founder of Expedition Inner Wisdom Incorporated, Linda Weir. They cost $16 each or two for $30. Eyepillows come in a variety of fabrics. Use our Contact page to inquire.


Placed over the eyes, the lavender eye pillow has just enough acupressure

to help revitalize vision and stimulate the vagus nerve which is a main communicator to our rest-and-digest system and important to the regulation of our heart rate and our ability to relax more deeply. The lavender acts as a natural anti-depressant and aids with insomnia, stress, and headaches.


You can use the eye pillow to help you to relax, fall asleep faster, and anytime you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed.


The outer sleeve of the eye pillow can be removed and washed in cold water.

Lay flat to dry.



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