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About Expedition
Inner Wisdom

 Expedition Inner Wisdom Incorporated creates custom, corporate and non-corporate, private and public experiences (a.k.a. expeditions) that playfully and reflectively promote personal and professional growth through spiritual, non-denominational, solitary, and interactive exploration of the intra personal (knowing your heart) and the interpersonal (understanding the heart of relationships).  With the needs and interests of the particular client group in mind, tailor-made expeditions focus on increasing access to inner wisdom through a variety of gentle, imaginative activities designed to foster curiosity and discovery of one’s own inner strengths and one’s connectedness to others and to nature. Specifically, participants explore a more conscious awareness and honing of intuition and intention. Venues and activities vary according to the particular client group. 

As a result of participation in any of the expeditions, participants can expect to:

  • enhance awareness of and communication with inner, intuitive wisdom

  • explore and identify a variety of methods for accessing personal strength and wellness

  • cultivate perspectives that greet life’s challenges as the soul’s opportunities for transformation and as a way to grow inner and world peace

  • increase the health of interpersonal relationships and the effectiveness of team collaboration by honouring the diverse nature and talents of others and by reflecting upon and consciously capitalizing on personal, unique gifts

  • expand a sense of overall well-being in both personal and professional life

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