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Empowerment Expeditions


Empowerment expeditions are designed to ignite the creative power and innate wisdom deep within the individual.  These expeditions of the internal landscape come in the form of retreats, workshops, seminars, or even “parties” depending on the needs/interests of the clients.  Guiding the client’s ability to tap into and further develop his/her true, magnificent potential is accomplished through a layering of activities that can include, but are not limited to, sitting/walking meditation, hiking, biking, and self-reflecting through guided journaling. To some degree, depending on the target audience, yoga is incorporated into each event, as it acts as an optimal vehicle for enhancing the body/mind/spirit connection that is so critical to the fruitful exploration of the inner landscape.  Venues vary based on client need and means.  Participants can expect to feel re-inspired and replenished by the discovery (or rediscovery) of the infinite power within that uplifts not only the individual but, by extension, those people he/she comes in contact with.

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